Kamis, 10 Oktober 2013

On The Spot: Travel Policy's Feeble Protections

Focusing in that way will maximize your chance for success. LTM: When are you capable of being an authority on a subject? DG: Integrity is the bedrock that any writer travel writers included builds their career and reputation on. And part of integrity is being honest with yourself and with your audience.

And except for visitors being turned away from grand monuments and wildlife stations out west, the world of travel continues to turn. If there is a danger at this point, it is not from lack of competent screeners. It would be from faltering aircraft safety inspections and the inadequate manning of aircraft repair stations by government workers who have been furloughed from their positions as federal inspectors. Delta Air Lines CEO Richard H. Anderson told reporters last week that his airline has not seen any drop of impact from the impasse.

However, it is hard to redeem and involves voucher numbers, e-mailing, calling, a $50 deposit ($10 of it nonrefundable) and no information on the actual hotels until you book. DEAL? MAYBE.

on that insurance coverage yields surprises but not much joy. On the Spot (Los Angeles Times) Also See more stories X On the Spot: When to call the airline and when to call the OTA Clearing U.S. Customs with old arrest record can be tricky It's hardly a travel secret: A pro can make all the difference Arrest from 1970 on record at airport customs but nowhere else Wrong time, wrong place? Costly rental car mistakes Global Entry program for fliers: You don't have to be a VIP On the Spot: The right way for hotel to suggest an accessible room Company may be resigned to paying for ex-employee's airfare On the Spot: There are ways to speed up passport processing How to get an American passport quickly when yours is about to expire Correcting airline ticket errors a tricky business Travel to Cuba? Probably not worth the risk Finding a cruise with wheelchair accommodations High-altitude flights and destinations: Such a headache On the Spot: Dealing with a lost passport?

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